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Hotel Market Germany and the crisis

Impacts and prospects as of December 2020

After the overnight stays in German hotels reached new records every year, 2020 has seen historic declines. To provide an initial projection, we have analyzed the performance of individual market segments in Germany and used this to develop a possible scenario for recovery.

According to our current perspective, we expect the segments to reach pre-crisis levels in the following order:

  1. Mountain, lake and sea destinations (Recovery approx. in 2023)
  2. Secondary cities with leisure focus like Dresden (approx. 2023)
  3. TOP 6 city Hamburg with national focus and business/leisure mix (approx. 2024)
  4. Secondary cities with business focus like Stuttgart (approx. 2024)
  5. TOP 6 cities Berlin and Munich with international focus and business/leisure mix (approx. 2025)
  6. TOP 6 cities with international business focus like Frankfurt (approx. 2025)

Please find further information on the development of the German hotel market during the first ten months 2020, out methodology and preliminary projections for the coming years in our hotel markt report:


Download PKF Hotel Market Report

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